Courses, Demos and Workshops

17/09/2008 a 19/09/2008


Wednesday, September 17, 2008
17:00 - 19:00

Evaluation of the health information quality in the Web

Local: Room 7 - 2nd floor
Language: Portuguese

I National meeting of management of the BiblioSUS network

Local: Room 12 - 2nd. floor
Language: Portuguese

Health Law, information, communication and scientific evidences to competences formation and decision-making on health

Local: Room A - Mezzanine - 1st. floor
Language: Portuguese

Communication in the area of mental health: anthropology of the image, ethnographic cinema, microanalysis, and of the midiatic interventions

Local: Room 8 - 2nd floor
Language: Portuguese

HINARI: Training workshop for trainers

Local: Room B - Mezzanine - 1st. floor
  • HINARI Technical Officer, World Health Organization
Language: Spanish (Basic knowledege of English is required)

Workshop: Training on the system “Pesquisas Saúde”

Local: Room 3 - 2nd. floor
Language: Portuguese

Meeting of the Brazilian network of history and cultural heritage of the health (HPCS)

Local: Room C - Mezzanine - 1st. floor
Language: Portuguese

Workshop: Collaboration tools for social networks in the Web

Local: Room D - Mezzanine - 1st. floor
Language: Portuguese

Workshop: Methodological discussion on principal bibliometrical indicators: analysis and interpretation in the various areas and contexts

Local: Room 5 - 2nd. floor
Language: Portuguese

Workshop: how to construct Technical and Scientific Opinions

Local: Room 2 - 2nd. floor
Language: Portuguese

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