Scientific Program

16/09/2008 a 19/09/2008

10 - Terms of reference

Panel 10 - Interoperability in health systems information flows

The application of information and communication technologies in health systems contributes decisively for the continuous improvement of the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the processes of service management and operation. The objective of the policies and programs for implementation, use, and innovation related to information and communication technologies is to promote and sustain the ubiquitous incorporation of information and knowledge management in the processes, involving all actors of health systems, especially their users. The interoperability that facilitates the management and exchange of information and knowledge in the operation of products, services, automated processes, is a critical attribute for the success of the application of information and communication technologies in health systems.  This panel will analyze different critical aspects and examples of interoperability in health s ystems involving different types of sources of information

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