Programa Científico

16/09/2008 a 19/09/2008

Melhor saúde para todos por meio de sistemas integrados de eSaúde

  • painelista
    Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation  - EUA

Health systems consist of all organizations, people, and actions whose primary intent is to promote, maintain, or restore health.  More than a pyramid of government-run facilities delivering medical care, health systems include public, private, and informal players concerned with individual and population health services. The relative neglect of health systems in terms of research, capacity building, policy attention, and investment has resulted in poor guidance and under performance, leading to problems in access, affordability, quality and outcomes of health services, especially (though not exclusively) for poor people. Over the last year, the Rockefeller Foundation has been conducting a series of analyses, landscaping exercises and high-level consultations including a recent Bellagio conference on eHealth.

This presentation will discuss the results of this conference “Making the eHealth connection: Global partnerships, local solutions” focusing particularly on the field of health informat ion and knowledge.

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2008 | BIREME - Centro Latino Americano e do Caribe em Informação em Ciências da Saúde