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16/09/2008 a 19/09/2008

Jeremy C Wyatt

Professor, Head of Research, College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Dundee and member of College Executive Team, Professor of Health Informatics, Community Health Sciences Division, University of Dundee  - Scotland, UK

1.1 Current roles
• Head of Research, College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Dundee and member of College Executive Team (from April 2007)
• Professor of Health Informatics (from November 2005), Community Health Sciences Division, University of Dundee - responsible for setting up health informatics research and teaching programmes
• Director, Health Informatics Centre (from April 2006), University of Dundee – responsible for
developing a sustainable model for HIC and improving the processes it uses
• Honorary Consultant, NHS Tayside Health Board (from Jan 2007)
• Visiting professor, dept. of Public Health and primary care, Oxford University & depts. of medical informatics, Porto and City Universities
Adviser on research; examiner; undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

1.2 Main research interests
• Knowledge transfer and use in health services (textbook author)
• Improving research and evaluation methods for complex interventions (textbook co-author, 2 editions)
• Information systems to support clinical, public health and health services research
• Designing information to help people find what they need fast & interpret it without error (Lancet series author)
• Using information and communication technologies to help professionals and the public improve health and manage long term illness (textbook co-author)

2 Education and qualifications
1999 Fellow, Royal College of Physicians  Royal College of Physicians
1991 Doctorate of Medicine Medical Informatics Oxford University
1983 Member, Royal College of Physicians   Royal College of Physicians (UK)
1980 Bachelor of medicine and surgery Medicine London University
1977 Bachelor of Arts Physiology & Psychology Oxford University

3 Posts held
Mar 2005 on Visiting Professor University of Porto, Portugal
Oct 2004-07 Visiting professor Dept. of Public Health and Primary Care, Oxford
Jan 2004 – Mar 2005 Academic adviser on knowledge management to NHS, 30% fte Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford
Oct 2003 – Oct ‘05 Visiting professor, 10% fte Dept. of Medical Informatics, City Univ., London
May 2003 – Oct ‘05 Lead for R & D and associate Director, 60% fte  National Institute of Clinical Excellence, London
May 2003 on Visiting Professor, Medical Informatics 0% ft, Academic Medical Centre, Univ. of Amsterdam
Jan 2002 – Apr 03 Visiting Professor, Medical Informatics 50% fte, Academic Medical Centre, Univ. of Amsterdam
2000-2002 Reader in Medical Informatics University College London
1997-2002  Director, Knowledge Management Centre School of Public Policy, University College, London
1997-98 Senior Research Fellow Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Oxford Univ.
1992-97 Medical Informatics Consultant Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London
1991-92 MRC Travelling Fellow Section on Medical Informatics, Stanford Univ.
1988-91 Lecturer, Medical Informatics National Heart & Lung Institute, London
1986-88 Research Registrar Westminster Medical School

4 Prizes, awards & fellowships
Association of Commonwealth Universities travel award 1979
University of London Convocation Prize 1980
Runcorn Travelling Fellowship, University of London 1988
IBM (UK) Laboratories Research Fellowship 1988
British Computer Society travel award 1989
Medical Research Council Travelling Fellow, Stanford University 1991
Deseret Foundation scholar, University of Utah 1992
Fellow by election, American College of Medical Informatics 1997
Fellow by election, Royal College of Physicians, London 1999
Spinoza visiting professor, University of Amsterdam 2001
Mackenzie Lecturer, University of Dundee 2006

I was recently judged one of the three most influential scientists worldwide in my field in terms of membership of editorial boards and academic networks (see: Malin B, Carley K. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2007 May-Jun;14(3):340-8.)

5 Grants obtained (total £2.2M)
Recent funded projects
Dat es Funding body Title Collaborators Total
2002-2005 NHS Health Technology Assessment programme Systematic review: decision tools in abdominal pain  Profs. D. Altman (Oxford), C Ohmann (Dusseldorf),  £72k
2003-2005 NHSDirect Online Research and evaluation studies of online services, REASONS Prof Pat Wright (Cardiff), Dr Henry Potts (KCL) £36k
2004-2005 NHS R & D Research Outputs programme Academic advisor on knowledge management Prof Paul Glasziou (Oxford) £55k
2005-2007 Scottish Funding Council Review of research needs in eHealth, HAVEN Profs Frank Sullivan, Frances Mair £115k
2006-2008 NHS Tayside & NHS Fife Childsmile, a tool to collect dental health data for quality improvement and research Prof Nigel Pitts £220k

Funding programmes:
• One of 5 members of writing group for Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy which has attracted £2.5M from MRC and £1M from CMO to fund work on public health interventions across Scotland.
• Co-Director of the Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme, obtaining £5M to fund a programme of research on health informatics, 2004-2009.
6 Recent conference keynotes and invited lectures
Keynote, 4th conference of Ibero-American Cochrane Centre, Barcelona Dec 2000
Keynote, Leuven International Policy Seminar. Leuven May 2001
Keynote, Dutch health informatics conference, Ede, Holland Oct 2001
Annual Spinoza lecture, Amsterdam Oct 2001
Keynote, Spanish family physicians conference, Madrid Nov 2002
Keynote, Catalan regional informatics conference, Barcelona Oct 2002
Keynote, MedNet International Conference on Internet in Medicine, Amsterdam Dec 2002
Keynote, Finnish medical society conference on health informatics, Helsinki April 2003
Keynote, European Science Foundation workshop on evaluation m ethods, Innsbruck April 2003
Keynote, COACH eHealth conference, Toronto May 2003
Keynote, Dutch medical informatics society annual conference, Amersfoort June 2003
Keynote, Nordic eHealth conference, Tromso June 2004
Keynote, Australian Health Informatics national conference, Brisbane Nov 2004
Keynote, 2nd Prostate Cancer Informatics Conference, Toronto Dec 2004
Summing up, EU ministerial workshop on eHealth, Amsterdam Dec 2004
Keynote, Regional eHealth conference, Murcia, Spain May 2005
Invited talk, Taiwanese ministry of health workshop on knowledge management Dec 2005
Keynote, Far Eastern conference  on knowledge management in health, Taipei Dec 2005
Keynote, German Society of Pathologists annual conference, Berlin April 2006
Invited plenary and tutorial, International conference on IT in health, Cairo Dec 2006
Invited talk, Dundee Discovery Days, Dundee Jan 2007
Invited talk, eHealth Symposium, Glasgo w  Feb 2007
Keynote, TOKEN funding programme launch symposium, Amsterdam June, 2007
Closing summary, Royal College of Physicians eHealth conference, Edinburgh Nov 2007
Invited talk, 1st Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme conference, London Mar 08
Keynote, workshop on ICTs to prevent falls in the elderly, Amsterdam April 2008
Invited talk, conference on eHealth, Tromso / Spitsbergen June 08
Invited talk, GIN conference, Helsinki Oct 08
Keynote, MedNet conference, St Petersburg Oct 08

7 Leadership, organisational skills and team work

7.1 Co-founder of international Cochrane Collaboration and Founder of the Cochrane EPOC group
Following my 1991 Lancet series on medical knowledge calling for an international activity to assemble and update evidence, I worked with Brian Haynes & Iain Chalmers to organise the June 1992 meeting in McMaster at which the international Cochrane Collaboration was founded. I minuted this meeting and followed up actions with participants, passing responsibility on to them. In 1994 at Iain Chalmers’ request I identified 350 people world wide interested in evidence about the implementation of practice guidelines. We then developed this group by mailing 5 newsletters and organising meetings (in London, Washington, Hamilton and Brussels) into the Cochrane Collaboration on Behaviour Change, known now as the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) review group.

7.2 Team work and problem solving
Since health informatics is an inherently multi disciplinary area, throughout my career I have worked closely with people from many disciplines, ranging from ethnographers to psychologists, linguists and computer scientists, and enjoy group work and problem solving of all kinds.

I was an active member of the 8-strong Senior Management Team of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence 2003-2005 during a period of expansion then a merger with the Health Development Agency that led to redundancies. This was an intensive and sometimes stressful experience for us all and required a close degree of trust and collaboration with senior members of the Institute. The problems to be solved ranged from strategic to scientific, management and financial issues and included planning a £30M annual budget, adverse media coverage and serious allegations relating to a senior member of NICE staff.

7.3 Participation in professional societies and organisation of international conferences
European Association for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, AIME: Chair of the AIME board, 1991-1996. Member of programme committee and tutorial chair, biennial AIME conferences 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995.

British Medical Informatics Society: member of executive committee 1989-92, treasurer 1992-95 and vice chair 1995-2000. I organised 5 international BMIS workshops1989-1997

Advances in Clinical Knowledge Management series: I developed the programme and managed the organisation of these 1-day workshops during the period 1997-2003 with 5 London meetings and one in Amsterdam.

Main organiser and facilitator of international workshops on various topics for ICRF 1994 and 1997; for BMJ Publishing 2001; for AMC Amsterdam 2002, for NICE 2004.

8 Recent publications
8.1 Recent books and chapters

8.1.1 Authored books (total 5)
1. Wyatt JC. Clinical knowledge and practice in the information age: a handbook for health professionals. RSM Press. 100pp, Feb. 2001 (21 citations)
2. Friedman C, Wyatt J. Evaluation methods in biomedical informatics, 2nd edition. New York: Springer: October 2005. 386 pages, ISBN 0-387-25889-2 (1st edition 175 citations; judged “Excellent” in BMJ review 13/9/97)[ [br / & gt;3. Sullivan F, Wyatt JC. ABC of Health Informatics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, April 2006. ISBN 0727918508.

8.1.2 Edited books and conference proceedings (total 10)
1. Godlee F, Goldmann D, Donald A, Barton S, Wyatt J, Woolf S (eds). Clinical Evidence, Issues 1 to 3. London: BMJ Publishing 1999-2000

8.1.3 Chapters in books (total 23)
1. Wyatt JC. Possible implications of information and communications technologies for NHS buildings in 2020. In: Glanville R & Francis S (eds), Health care building for tomorrow: developing a 2020 vision (ISBN 1 902089 242 1). London 2000: Nuffield Trust: 21-24
2. Wyatt JC. Evaluating the impact of telemedicine on health professionals and patients. Chapter 5 in: Rigby M, Roberts R, Thick M. Taking health telematics into the 21st century. Abingdon: Radcliffe Medical Press 2000: 61-76
3. Friedman C, Owens D, Wyatt J. System evaluation & technology assessment. Chapter 8 in: Shortliffe E, Perrault L, Wiederhold G, Fagan L (eds): Medical Informatics. New York: Springer Verlag, 2000
4. Gant V, Rodway S, Wyatt J. Artificial neural networks: practical considerations for clinical application. Chapter 14 in: Dybowski R, Gant V (eds), Clinical application of neural networks. Cambridge: CUP 2001: 329-356
5. Randolph A, Haynes B, Wyatt J, Cook D, Guyatt G. Therapy and validity - Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support Systems. Chapter 2B1 in: Guyatt G, Rennie D (eds.), Users’ guide to the medical literature. AMA Press, Chicago, 2002: 291-308
6. Wyatt J, Taylor P. Decision support systems and clinical innovation. Chapter 11 in: Haines A, Donald A: Getting research findings into practice (2nd Edition). London: BMJ Publishing 2002: 123-37
7. Wyatt JC. The Telecarer: a new role for health professionals. In: New Practitioners in the Future Health Service, edited by Rachel Lissauer and Liz Kendall. Institute for Public Poli cy Research, London, 2002.
8. Eysenbach G, Wyatt J. Using the Internet for facilitating research. Chapter 6.3 in McKenzie BC (ed), Medicine and the Internet 3rd edition). Oxford: OUP 2002: 211-226
9. Keen J, Wyatt J. The social epidemiology of information technologies. Chapter 11 in: Dawson S, Sausman C (eds), Future Health Organisations and Systems. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005: 246-261
10. Coiera E, Westbrook J, Wyatt J. The Safety and Quality of Decision Support Systems. In: Haux R, Kulikowski C, editors. IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2006: Assessing Information Technologies for Health. Methods Inf. Med. 45 Suppl. 1, 20-5. Stuttgart: Schattauer; 2006.
11. Friedman C, Wyatt J, Owens D. Evaluation & technology assessment. Chapter 11 in Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine, 3rd Ed. (EH Shortliffe, Cimino JJ eds). New York: Springer-Verlag, 2006: 403-446

8.2 Recent refereed original journal articles and refereed reviews (total 50)
1. Wyatt JC, Wright P. Medical Records 1: Design should help use of patient data. Lancet 1998; 352: 1375-8 (27 citations)
2. Nygren E, Wyatt JC, Wright P. Medical Records 2: Helping clinicians find information and avoid delays. Lancet 1998; 352: 1462-6 (24 citations)
3. Wright P, Jansen C, Wyatt JC. Medical Records 3: Reducing clinical errors when interpreting data. Lancet 1998; 352: 1539-43 (12 citations)
4. Powsner S, Wyatt JC, Wright P. Medical Records 4: Opportunities and challenges of computerisation. Lancet 1998; 352: 1617-22 (35 citations)
5. Borowitz S, Wyatt J. The origin, content and workload of electronic mail consultations. JAMA 1998; 280: 1321-4 (76 citations; reprinted in 200 0 Yearbook of Medical Informatics)
6. Wyatt JC, Paterson-Brown S, Johanson R, Altman DG, Bradburn M, Fisk N. Randomised trial of educational visits to enhance use of systematic reviews in 25 obstetric units. BMJ 1998; 317: 1041-6 (36 citations)
7. Herbst K, Littlejohns P, Rawlinson J, Collinson M, Wyatt JC. Evaluating computerised health information systems: hardware, software and human ware. Experiences from Northern Province, South Africa. J Public Health Medicine 1999; 21: 305-10
8. Wyatt JC, Vincent S. Selecting computer-based evidence sources. Annals Oncology 1999; 10: 267-73
9. Randolph AD, Haynes RB, Wyatt JC, Cook DJ, Guyatt GH. Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature XVIII. How to Use an Article Evaluating the Clinical Impact of a Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support System. JAMA 1999; 282: 67-74 (33 citations)
10. Keen J, Wyatt JC. Back to basics on NHS Networking. BMJ 2000; 321: 875-8 (6 citations)
11. The North Staffordshire Changing Childbirth Team. A randomised study of midwifery caseload care and traditional “shared care”. Midwifery 2000; 16: 295-302
12. Hammond P, Modgil S, Wyatt JC. Safety and computer-aided design of chemotherapy plans. Topics in Health Inf Manage 2000; 20(4): 55-66
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18. Ramnarayan P, Kapoor RR, Coren M, Nanduri V, Tomlinson AL, Taylor PM, Wyatt JC, Britto JF. Measuring the impact of diagnostic decision support on the quality of clinical decision making: development of a reliable and valid composite score. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 Nov-Dec;10(6):563-72
19. N Eminovic, L Witkamp, ACJ Ravelli, JD Bos, Th W Akker, MT Bousema, CJM Henquet, RJJ Koopman, JE Zeegelaar, JC Wyatt. Potential effect of patient-assisted teledermatology on outpatient referral rates. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 2003; 9: 321-7
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22. Padmanabhan Ramnarayan, Graham C Roberts, Michael Coren, Vasantha Nanduri, Amanda Tomlinson, Paul M Taylor, Jeremy C Wyatt, Joseph F Britto. Assessment of the potential impact of a reminder system on the reduction of diagnostic errors: a quasi-experimental study. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2006, 6:22 doi:10.1186/1472-6947-6-22
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25. JL Liu, JC. Wyatt, JJ Deeks, S Clamp, J Keen, P Verde, C Ohmann, J Wellwood, M Dawes, DG Altman. Systematic reviews of clinical decision tools for acute abdominal pain. Health Technology Assessment 2006; 10(47): 1-186
26. Klinkhammer-Schalke M, Koller M, Wyatt JC, Steinger B, Ehret C, Ernst B, Hofstadter F, Lorenz W. Quality of life diagnosis and therapy as complex intervention for improvement of health in breast cancer patients: delineating the conceptual, methodological, and logistic requirements (modeling). Langenbecks Arch Surg. 2007 Jul 28; [Epub ahead of print]
27. Bauhofer A, Plaul U, Torossian A, Koller M, Stinner B, Celik I, Sitter H, Greger B, Middeke M, Schein M, Wyatt J, Nystrom PO, Hartung T, Rothmund M, Lorenz W. Perioperative prophylaxis with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) in high-risk colorectal cancer patients for an improved recovery: A randomized, co n trolled trial. Surgery. 2007 Apr;141(4):501-10. Epub 2007 Jan 4.
28. Cruz-Correia RJ, Vieira-Marques PM, Ferreira AM, Almeida FC, Wyatt JC, Costa-Pereira AM. Reviewing the integration of patient data: how systems are evolving in practice to meet patient needs. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 2007;7(1):14
29. Leiman DA, Lorenzi NM, Wyatt JC, Doney AS, Rosenbloom ST. US and Scottish Health Professionals' Attitudes toward DNA Biobanking. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2008 Feb 28; [Epub ahead of print]

8.3 Recent refereed conference papers (total 11)
1. Potts, H. W. W., Wyatt, J. C. & Altman, D. A. Challenges in Evaluating Complex Decision Support Systems: Lessons from Design-a-Trial. In: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), Quaglini, S., Barahona, P. & Andreassen, S. (eds), Springer 2001, Heidelberg p. 453-6
2. K Nammuni, C Pickering, S Modgil, A Montgomery, P Hammond, JC Wyatt, DG Altman, R Dunlop, H Potts. Design-a-Trial: A Rule-Based Decision Support System for Clinical Trial Design. In: Bramer M (ed), proc. 23rd BCS conference on Artificial Intelligence, Peterhouse College, Cambridge Dec 2003. Winner, best Refereed Application Paper (Dept. of Trade & Industry)

8.4 Recent invited reviews, editorials and commissioned reports (total 51)
1. Wyatt J. Evaluating electronic consumer health material. BMJ 2000; 320:159-60 (invited commentary)
2. Wyatt J. Evaluation of the National electronic library for health. NHS Information Authority: March 2000 (commissioned report)
3. Wyatt J. When to use web based surveys ? JAMIA 2000; 7: 448-52 (editorial)
4. Friedman CP, Wyatt JC. Publication bias in medical informatics. JAMIA 2001; 8: 189-91 (editorial)
5. Wyatt JC, Keen J. The new NHS information technology strategy: technology will change practice. BMJ 2001; 322: 1378-9 (editorial)
6. Wyatt JC. Commentary on Jones et al: Personalised computer based information is preferred to other sources of information by cancer patients. Evidence-based Healthcare 2000; 4: 71 (invited commentary)
7. Wyatt J on behalf of Rowe R, Grimshaw J, Gordon R, Hicks N, Altman D, Durieux P, Haaijer F, Denig P, Gill P, Kenny M. Th e effects of manual paper reminders on professional practice and health care outcomes: a systematic review of 22 randomised controlled trials including 41705 patients. Final project report for NHS R & D no. IMP 15-11, Dec 2000 (commissioned report)
8. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 1. Clinical questions and information needs. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 168-171
9. Wyatt JC, Anagnostelis B. Knowledge for the clinician 2. Reference material: books and multimedia. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 244-6 (review)
10. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 3. Practice guidelines and other support for clinical innovation. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 299-304 (review)
11. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 4. Continuing education or life long learning ? J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 369-72
12. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 5. Reading journals and monitoring the published work. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 423-7 (review)
13. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 6. Information for patients. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 467-71 (review)
14. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 7. Intranets. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 530-34 (review)
15. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clini cian 8. Knowledge and the Internet. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 565-70 (review)
16. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 9. Decision support systems. J Roy Soc Med 2000; 93: 629-33 (review)
17. Wyatt JC. Knowledge for the clinician 10. Management of explicit and tacit knowledge. J Roy Soc Med 2001; 94: 6-9 (14 citations)
18. Wyatt J. Development of an evaluation methodology for NSW Health Clinical Information Access Program. Sydney: New South Wales Health, March 2001. ISBN 0 7347 3250 3. (commissioned report)
19. Wyatt J. Medical informatics and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. LSHTM, Sept 2001 (commissioned report)
20. Wyatt J. Information systems and patient safety. NHS R & D Patient Safety Programme:, Oct 2001 (commissioned report)
21. Wyatt J. Top tips on knowledge management. Clinical Governance Bulletin 2001 (August); 2(3): 8 (invited review)
22. Wyatt JC, Wyatt SM. When and how to evaluate health information systems ? Int J of Med Informatics 2003; 69: 251-9
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24. Wyatt JC, Sullivan F. ABC of Health Informatics 1: What is health information ? BMJ 2005; 331:566-8
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33. Sullivan F, Wyatt JC. ABC of Health Informatics 10: Improving services with informatics tools BMJ 2005; 331: 1190 - 1192
34. Wyatt JC, Sullivan F. ABC of Health Informatics 11: Communication and navigation around the health care system. BMJ 2005; 331: 1325-7
35. Wyatt JC, Sullivan F. ABC of Health Informatics 12: eHealth and the future: promise or peril ? BMJ 2005; 331: 1391-3
36. Coiera E, Westbrook J, Wyatt J. The Safety an d Quality of Decision Support Systems. In: Haux R, Kulikowski C, editors. IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2006: Assessing Information Technologies for Health. Methods Inf. Med. 45 Suppl. 1, 20-5. Stuttgart: Schattauer; 2006

Total number of citations to published work: 839 on 1-12-06

8.5 Web sites and software:
Wyatt J. The Clinical Practice Innovation Web site 2002,
Wyatt J, Altman D, Potts H, Modgil S, Hammond P. Design a Trial version 3, 2003

9 Teaching and examining
• Teaching on MSc courses at Stanford, UCL, City University London, Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam
• Taught MPH course in Dundee, 2007
• Teaching undergraduate courses at Glasgow and London Universities, Academic Medical Centre, Univ. of Amsterdam and Univ. of Porto
• Taught 1 week summer school on health informatics, Porto June 2006
• About 15 tutorials at MIE, AMIA, MedN et and AIME conferences

• Chair, Examining Board, UCL MSc in Health Informatics, 1999-2002
• External examiner, University of Manchester Masters in Health Informatics, 2006 on
• DSc examiner: Aalborg university
• PhD Examiner: Hong Kong, Queensland, Trondheim, Porto, Sussex, Aberdeen, Cardiff, and Glasgow universities and LSHTM
• MD examiner, Dundee university

10 Peer review activities
10.1.1 Member of journal and other editorial advisory boards
Assoc. editor: BMJ Clinical Evidence 1998-2000
Co-editor: Proceedings of European Society for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 1989-99
Guest editor: Medical Informatics journal special issue 1990
 Subject Adviser, Biomed Central Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2001 on
Member: Editorial Board, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 1995 on
 Hanging committee, British Medical Journal Information in Practice section 19 96 on
 Editorial Board, Int. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 1996 on
 Editorial Board, Health on the Internet 1997 on
 Editorial Board, Health Informatics Journal 1997 on
 Editorial Board, Health Technology Assessment 1997-2001
 Editorial Board, Journal of American Medical Informatics Association 2000-02
 Editorial Board, Methods of Information in Medicine 2000-03
 Editorial Board, Journal of BioMedical Informatics 2001 on
 Advisory Committee, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 1995-98

10.1.2 Peer reviewer for journals
Lancet, JAMA, British Medical Journal, American Journal of Cardiology, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Methods of Information in Medicine, Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, Medical Decision Making, IEEE Expert, Expert Systems, Knowledge Engineering Review, Theoretical Surgery, etc.

10.1.3 Peer reviewer for book publishers:
Cambridge University Press, BMJ Publishing, Yearbook of Medical Informatics

10.1.4 Recent strategy advice to funding bodies
Member, planning groups, EPSRC programmes on Health Informatics 1995-2002
Member, NHS R & D Health Technology Assessment Commissioning Board. 1997-2001
Member, Engineering and Physical Sciences Res. Council Health Informatics College 1998-2002
Chair, NHS Information Authority Clinical Headings Review Panel 1999-2001
Adviser, NHS R & D National Patient Safety programme 2001 on
Member, national advisory committee, National Research Methodology R & D programme 2003 on
Member of board, NHS R & D Service Delivery & Organisation programme 2004-7
Co-director, Connecting for Health evaluation programme  2005
Member of steering group, Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme 2006 on

10.1.5 Peer reviewer for funding bodies:
Medical Research Council, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Nuffield Trust, NHS Health Technology Assessment programme; Dept. of Health R & D Division (several programmes), British Asthma Society, ZonMW, Nederlands Astma Fonds, BirthRight, etc.

11 Other advisory activities:
I am a member of the following national NHS groups:
• Co-director, NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme 2004-6
• Advisory board, NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme 2006 on
• NICE advisory committee on data reuse for HTA, 2006 on
• Steering committee, Scottish Collaboration on Public Health Research & Policy, 2006 on
• Programme Board, National Library for Health 2004-7
• Programme Board, Decision support systems
• SIGN implementation advisory committee, 2006 on
• The CSO’s public health Portfolio Steering Group

I am a member of various NHS Tayside groups including:
• Convenor, steering group on evaluation of Tayside clinical portal 2007
• Convenor, informatics and statistics subgroup of Clinical Research Centre programme board
• Member, NHS Tayside user interface group 2006 on
• Member of CMDN-NHS Tayside Liaison group, 2007 on
• Member, Clinical Research Centre programme board

I have also advised QIS, SIGN, NES and other NHS Scotland groups on informatics strategy

12 Other achievements and interests
• Medical officer on 3-week trek in Ladakh, 1982; 4 other treks in the Indian Himalaya since
• Jewellery and sculpture in titanium and other metals: member by portfolio, Surrey G uild of Craftsmen; visiting lecturer, jewellery & metalwork, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art
• Making furniture and raku pottery

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