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16/09/2008 a 19/09/2008

Terminologies and ontologies in health care: a snapshot for the early 21st century

Terminologies and ontologies have moved beyond their traditional healthcare role as taxonomies or classifications for mortality or morbidity.  In the 21st century, they have assumed practical roles in the detailed care of patients, the conduct of cutting edge biological science, and the integration of information across the genotype to phenotype boundaries of disease understanding.  As such, terminologies have evolved beyond convenient lists of terms or concepts into more structured, formal, and arguably interpretable collections of concepts.  This brief overview will examine the recent evolution of SNOMED managed under the new IHTSDO leadership, and the new promise afforded by WHO's current strategies for making the ICD-11 resource a truly global, scientifically valid, and broadly usable collection of clinical phenotype information.
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